Botox Aestox VS Botox Allergan which one is better?

Today I will talk about Botox Aestox from Korea and Botox Allergan from the US. What are the differences between these two? Is it worth paying higher price for Allergan? 

🔵 Blue side: Aestox – the best Korean botox in the market
🔴 Red side: Allergan – most premium botox from the US

Which one should you choose!? 

🔵  Blue side:

– Purity of Aestox is 99%
– Contain 1% protein that cause botox resistant  
– Result stay up to 4 months 
– Easy-access price at 3,999 baht for 50 unit

🔴 Red Side:

– Purity of Allergan is 99.9% it is consider the most purest compared to ALL Botox brand 
– Contain 0.1% protein that cause botox resistant. Allergan have never been reported botox resistant case before.  
– Result stay up to 6 months 
– Price is at 9,999 baht for 50 unit 

As you can see the differences are the price and the possibility of being botox resistant. Now, some of you might wonder how dangerous is resistant to botox…

The answer is…. very dangerous because if you are resistant to botox and you do botox injection (no matter how many times or how many unit) your wrinkle won’t disappear. It will not show any result at all.


Now you have to weigh on your own whether which botox brand suits you better. After reading this article which botox brand would you choose?

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