A helper that can act like Botox while lockdown at home

Secret tips that 90% of people still don’t know can help reduce wrinkles at home (can give result that is similar to botox injection)

During this Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown at home. Many people are longing for botox injection as wrinkle starts coming back. So today, I ask some useful tips from the doctor.

Can you make a guess? I will give you 3 hint

  1. Apply on your skin
  2. After 2 weeks you can see clear result
  3. Can help prevent acne

Tick tock… tick tock.. time is ticking

The answer is “Vitamin A”. Anyone who has experienced acne should have heard about this. Vitamin A help pushes your acne out from your skin. When applied to wrinkles and creases on your face regularly, the wrinkle will slowly get better.

Vitamin A exfoliate the skin by peeling off the old, dry and dead skin cells. It also stimulate in creating skin cells and new collagen. After the using it, your skin will reveal a healthy new cells.

How to use: Apply a pea-sized amount of vitamin A on your face, apply before bedtime every 1-2 days. If irritation occurs, stop using and consult a doctor. Vitamin A can be bought at common drugstores.

You might wonder whether if you use this trick, will your wrinkles disappear 100% like Botox injections? The answer is no. Botox injections will make your wrinkles disappear but Vitamin A takes time and wrinkles will gradually fade. It is suitable for use to nourish your skin during the lockdown.

Once our clinic is open, come and get your Botox injection with us 🙂

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