How to check whether you should do botox or mesofat

Want to have V-shape face but don’t know what to do?

This blog will teach you how to determine whether you should do botox or mesofat to have V-shape face. The method is very easy, you can do it at your place by yourself. However, if you want to make sure you can send us a picture for free evaluation.

First, wash your face and look straight towards the mirror

Then smile at the mirror (smile as wide as if you are taking a selfie)

After you smile, check whether you feel you have chubby cheek compared to not smiling or not. This method will help you check to a certain extent of not having a V-Shape face is caused by fat.

  • If you smile and immediately feel that you have chubby cheek or feel uncomfortable taking a portrait photo so you need to tilt your head abit for better angle. This mean that you should do “Mesofat” cheek.
  • If you smile and don’t feel that you have chubby cheek or there’s no difference from before smiling and after smiling, the problem of not having V-Shape face does not come from having fat.
  • Now let’s see whether doing botox can help you have a V-Shape face or not. Not everyone do jaw botox and have V-Shape face.
  • The method is quick and easy. Put your hand on your jaw area (do as the picture shown) and clench your teeth tight for a certain period of time.

If you clench your teeth and you feel that there’s a muscle popping out on the area that your hands are. This shows that you have large jaw muscle.

If so, you are suitable to do Botox. After Botox injections, the large muscle will shrink and your face will become more V-Shape.

However, if you clench your teeth and you don’t feel muscle popping out where your hands are. This means that you have small jaw muscle and doing Botox won’t help you to have V-Shape face and you should try other injection instead.

Actually, there are many ways to make your face slimmer. The best way is let the doctor evaluate your face first.

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