What Causes Chin Wrinkle?

Have you ever wonder why do you have a wrinkle on your chin when you smile? 

Does you wrinkle look like this on your chin? Let’s find out why it appear like so.

Some of you might wonder if the wrinkle are caused by acne scar. The answer is…

Answer: it’s a MUSCLE! 

The doctor said it have a name called “Mentalis Muscle” and the wrinkle is not caused by acne at all.

The “Mentalis Muscle” is attached to the bone on one side and another side on our skin layer. When we do facial expression the muscle contract (making both side move towards each other) and therefore, the skin on your chin creates a wrinkle.

Mentalis muscle also cause these type of wrinkle on your chin as well (Picture above)

Question: How to make this wrinkle disappear?

The doctor suggest to inject botox on your chin area to release the muscle from contracting. This will make the wrinkle disappear. 


Injecting botox on your chin to reduce wrinkle has been around for some time. Once you inject botox, when you make facial expression such as “duck face” the mentalist muscle won’t contract and now your chin will be smooth with no wrinkle.

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