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I want a smaller face, what should I do?

Our face is made up of three main parts: fat, muscle, and bone, each person has different amounts depending on heredity and lifestyle. If your face is big from a lot of fat, you need to lose weight or a more shortcut method is injecting meso fat to dissolve cheek fat. If the face is bigger from the large jaw muscles, the jaw must be injected with Botox to make the muscles smaller. However, if the face is large from a large skeleton, this may require bone reduction surgery.

Some people only inject Botox and it’s done. But some people have both fat and muscle. Therefore, the should inject both mesofat and botox depending on the components on each patient’s face. There is no fixed formula for beauty.

Some people have a lot of cheeks but only want to inject botox in their jaws because of the reason that their friend do Botox and their face got smaller. However, the doctor will advise accordingly as to what kind of treatment the patient is suitable for in order to see results that are worth the cost as much as possible.

If the patient is not sure that he or she has a lot of cheek fat or large jaw muscles, you can contact the clinic to consult first. The recommended way is to come to the doctor and let he/she examine your face for more accurate assessment.

I feel like I have a round face. I want to have a slim face what should I do?

Some people do not have a lot of cheeks, but they feel that their face is not long and v-shape at all even they do both mesofat injections and botox injections. We have to look into this whether it is caused by a short chin or not. A V-shape face normally is due to the length of the face is longer than width of the face. Adding a little length can make the overall face look more V-shape and beautiful. Increasing the length of the chin requires fillers. At Peace clinic, the doctor is very kind, patients can choose the shape and chin length that they like whether it’s a natural shape or a V shape.

Natural Chin Filler Review

My face looks tired but I don’t know where to fix.

If you look in the mirror and feel that your face looks exhausted and not bright this is caused by many reasons, you must observe what makes your face look tired, such as dull skin, dark eye circles, facial expressions, uneven temples, deep cheekbones, or so many wrinkles that makes you feel shabby. The treatment varies according to the cause. The solution are range from facial treatments to filler injections to make your face look fuller and brighter. The best way is to visit the clinic and have our doctor evaluate it.

If you’re still embarrassed, and afraid to come in or don’t have time to come in, you can call the clinic to consult first. It is free of charge.

I sleep late and have dark under eyes I need urgent solution

Dark circles under the eyes are often caused by the grooves under the eyes. When there is a groove, there is a shadow. The gray shadow of the groove under the eyes makes it look dull and dark. This problem can be solved immediately by filling under the eyes. There are two types of under-eye fillers in our clinic: vitamins under the eyes and fillers. Both are injected into the area under the eyes as well. See the change from the first time doing it. They differ in the type of drug, duration and cost.

Another solution is using Vitamins which are water-soluble vitamins. After injection, it can only last for 1-2 months. Suitable for people who have time to come to clinic often. Or for people who are worried about fillers or someone who has a low budget because the price is easy to access.

Last but not least, another solution is using fillers which are hyaluronic substances that hold water in the skin. when injected under the skin, the skin around that area will be full and the depth of under eye will be shallower. The hyaluronic acid is water soluble as well, but it dissolves quite slowly. After injection, it can last for about 6-8 months depending on the injection site. Suitable for people who want to solve long-term problems and doesn’t have time to go to the clinic often.


I always have a wattle when taking photos, how to get rid of it?

Wattle is a problem that almost everyone face. The older you get, the more wattle you have. The wattle is made up of three components: one is skin that is not firm which can be corrected with Botox Lifting injections. The second is the fat layer under the chin, can be modified with mesofat injections to break down fat. Third is the sagging muscles under the chin from an older age, can be fixed by doing Hifu.

The problems with wattle is that many patients who have tried the treatment and feel that it ineffective. This is because only one part of the cause is treated, a good solution to the wattle problem is to solve all three parts in order to see the most effective results.

I don’t like big cheekbones what should I do.

Most Thai people have clearly convex cheekbones. Some people might like it but many people feel that it makes their face look bigger, masculine face, fierce face. In addition to cheekbone reduction surgery, there is another method that helps cheekbones look smaller without doing surgery. The first is to dissolve fat on the cheekbones. The second is to inject fillers to adjust the face shape to make the cheekbones look smaller which help the face to looks slimmer with a special technique of Peace Clinic Pattaya.


I want to look younger but don’t want to do much what should I do?

Patients who are already beautiful do not want to change their faces much. They want to be a little more beautiful and want to take care of yourself  but most don’t know where to start. It is recommended to open your mind to start by trying a facial Hifu first. The reason is that doing Hifu, besides the results giving a natural look. The procedure also does not hurt, does not require injection, does not bruise or swell and is not dangerous, has almost no disadvantages.  Doing Hifu results lasts up to six months. No matter what that patient age is, everyone will see good results.

I have neck wrinkle line, what should I do?

The neck is an area that most people neglect. Wrinkles on the neck are caused by age-related deterioration of the skin. Skin that is dehydrated or exposed to the sun. There are many ways to reverse the age of the neck skin. The first thing to remember is to apply nourishing cream and sunscreen. Other care methods such as face and neck treatments is to use Botox injections on the neck where the neck has few wrinkles. Also, filler injections can be used in cases where the neck is very wrinkled and have deep line. Caring for the skin around the neck requires regular and consistent care because it is a muscle that we use all the time.

I am going to the wedding next month and I want to take care of myself before I see my friends what should I do?

In important events where we need confidence and stand out. The first thing that will catch the eye of people at the event is having aura skin. Especially if you have to wear an evening dress that show part of your body. Skin is something that should not be neglected. Injecting vitamins into the skin is another shortcut in keeping your skin looking smooth and aura.

Not only you must look good in person but also need to look good in the picture as well. Whether it’s a selfie or a group photo. Patients with wrinkles when smiling can be fixed by Botox or adjust face shape with jawline Botox injections.

The main thing that our clinic recommends and emphasizes is have enough time. Whether it’s hifu, botox, skin injection, everything takes time to work and see result. For Hifu and Botox you need to wait about a month to see full results. Vitamin injection for glowing skin you need to wait about 1-2 months to see results. However, for fillers, the results are immediately visible after the procedure. To conclude, you should plan ahead for the treatment to achieve the best results to look beautiful on the big day.

What are the secrets of a celebrity’s young face?

Have you ever wonder ‘Why don’t celebrities have cheekbones? The grooves under the eyes are smooth’, well most celebrities have some helper to maintain their beauty. Apart from those expensive creams is to take care of your face with the doctor. The various furrows on the face whether it’s the cheek groove, the groove under the eyes, the nasolabial line, it is caused by the baby fat on the face gradually disappearing with age. So when you get older, no matter how fat you are, you still have cheek grooves and under eye grooves.

Solving these grooves is mostly done by filler injection to replace the missing baby fat. The most popular celebrity’s way that are safe and effective is filler injection. Correct injection of fillers will make your face look younger and prettier. It doesn’t make your face bigger or distorted that some people normally misunderstand.


I want to be white like Koreans, what should I do?

If you want to have white, aura and smooth skin, it’s not difficult at all. Even if you have dull/dark skin from the sun, damaged skin, hereditary pigmentation. Every skin type can look better with the consistency of skin care routine. For example, scrubbing and applying skin creams. None the less, another way that help in taking care of your skin is injecting vitamins into the skin. This adjust the skin and skin color to be more beautiful, smooth, glowing aura. Replenishing skin vitamins with genuine medicines is safe and can definitely see good results.

If you read and have questions or is interested in asking for more information.
Feel free to contact us for any inquiry or book a consultation appointment with doctor (free of charge).

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