How does Filler help you to look younger?

When we are young we have “baby fat” that help us look young and fresh. However, when we ages this baby fat decreases naturally. Therefore, creating grooves and sagging such as under eye groove, nasolabial line and marionette line. Baby fat is different from normal fat so if you gain weight your grooves and line will stay the same.

The correct way is to find something to replace those baby fat. Today, the safest way and the most popular and effective way is to inject filler. Filler can fix those problem and help your face look younger.

Will I have swollen face if I do filler?

Filler injections are not like inflating a tire (simply pumped into the air to make the face full and puffy). It is an art that goes hand in hand with scientific knowledge. Both the doctor and the patient must understand and come to the same conclusion of what they expect the result to be before doing the treatment. If the doctor has enough knowledge and expertise in beauty it will definitely not make your face bigger. Likewise, getting done by doctor who has knowledge, fillers can also help your face to look slimmer and younger.

This is an example of our patient who is 42 years old. She feel that her face look tired and exhausted all the time so she wanted to take care of herself


This patient has a beautiful face shape already but there are many parts that deteriorate with age, causing the face to look tired and not bright. Two side of her faces are not equal. After discussing and explaining how to fix this problem, the patient agrees to trust the doctor. The doctor has adjusted the face shape by using fillers to fill in the missing area to make the face fuller like when you were younger including around the temples, cheeks, canals and chin area.

After finish, the patient was very satisfied because the overall face looks younger as desired. It looks natural, not swollen and no bulging. She could take photos without adding filter and adjusting on application.

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