3 Reasons why you shouldn’t have hollow temple

hollow temple

What does “Hollow Temple” look like?

You can notice if you have a “Hollow Temple” when the area on your temple is concave inward and you can see the edge of your bone protrusion as shown in the picture.

Why do I have hollow temple?

when we get older the fat around the temples gradually disappear. This make the temples look hollow and for some people, there may have hereditary skeletal structures.


3 Reasons why you shouldn’t have hollow temple

  1. Makes your face look tired and old 90% of people who feel shabby or old are often found that the temporal characteristics are always hollowed. Correction of the temple will makes your face look brighter and younger.

  2. Make your cheekbones prominent resulting in disproportionate large face When the upper temple concave inwards, the cheekbone below will look bigger and wider than usual, especially in asian people who already have prominent cheekbones. Therefore resulting in big and disproportion face.

  3. Face look more masculine not feminine Big and solid cheekbones is a characteristic of a man’s face. When the temple is hollowed, the cheekbones are clearly visible, this will make your face look more stiff and masculine.


Hollow temple can be solved by injecting fillers. Doing temporal filler is a relatively safe procedure that takes only 10-15 minutes to complete with almost no bruise at all.


Amount of filler use in temple area : 2-4 cc
Duration time : 15-20 minutes
Bruise : Almost no bruise at all
Swell : No swelling. You can continue your daily life after injection.
*Depends on each individual. It is recommended to consult with our doctor first.

Will injecting filler make your face bigger ?

The purpose of filler injections is to ‘Fill in the hollow space’. So after injection your face won’t get bigger. In addition, after temporal filler injection, you will notice that your cheekbones look smaller and your face looks more V-Shape.

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