How is Laser at Peace Clinic different from others? Is it really painless?

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Last updated date: 30 April 2023

What is laser diode technology?

Laser diode is a laser machine that uses the 810nm wavelength laser energy. Energy will captures melanin pigment in the skin layers and destroys it. When the laser is shot down to the hair and hair follicles, roots of hair, will die and the hair will fall off on its own.

How is diode hair removal better than IPL and Yag laser?

The advantages of diode hair removal over IPL is that diode laser has higher energy and specifically targets melanin pigment. So the energy is delivered to hair roots more efficiently than IPL. Therefore, you can see better and faster result compared to IPL.

The advantage of diode hair removal over YAG laser is less pain during the procedure. Diode laser is much more comfortable and hurt much less than YAG laser due to different wavelength. Doing YAG laser procedure, the pain is bearable in some area of body but the most sensitive part like bikini area, the level of pain is unbearable.


Is it painful during bikini hair laser removal ?

Yes, it will hurt but just a little. There are many feedbacks from the customer saying it did not hurt at all. Using diode laser machine and its cooling system assisted we guarantee that you will feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

How many session needed until all the hair is gone ?

After one session, the hair will reduce by 30-50%, it will not fall out immediately after the laser. It will take two weeks after laser procedure; the hair will fall out on its own. On average, you need to do 6-10 sessions to get rid of all the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser diode at Peace Clinic ?


  • The laser energy destroys root of the hair which will get rid of the hair permanently. Therefore, you don’t have to shave or wax anymore.
  • To feel the confident in every outfit and swimwear.
  • Smoother skin. Reduce chicken skin. 
  • We provide comfortable feeling throughout the procedure, much less pain than waxing.
  • No time wasted, taking only 10 minutes per one area.
  • No burning skin because of the best quality machine approved by US FDA standard, imported from America.


  • Cannot make 100% of the hair fall out in only one session.

Can the diode laser remove stains and dark spot?

Due to Laser diode is 810nm wavelength laser energy, this energy will specifically target to melanin pigment in hair. The energy will not target melanin skin pigment, therefore it cannot get rid of hyperpigmentation.

If you want to remove stains and dark spot, we suggest you to have pigment-removal laser or peeling treatment instead. These two treatments will give you more promising result.

Who should not have diode laser hair removal ?

  • People with skin disease in the area that needs to do laser (rash or wound) should avoid doing laser in that area
  • People with tattoo in the area that needs to do laser. Due to the pigment in the tattoo will interfere with the laser energy, resulting in burn skin and changes in tattoo color.

How to take care of yourself BEFORE diode laser?

  • Do not pluck or wax at least 2 weeks BEFORE the procedure, hair roots are crucial so that it can be captured by the laser energy.
  • You can choose to be shaved by the staff or by yourself. No additional charges.
  • Shaving by the staff will takes some time depending on how large the areas. If you wish to take less time please shave before visit us.

How to take care of yourself AFTER diode laser?

  • Do not shave or pluck hair, let it fall off on its own which usually around 2 week AFTER the procedure.
  • Do not scrub because it can irritate the skin. Avoid sauna or steaming 2-3 days after the procedure.
  • You can exercise, swim and do sun bath.

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