Why Do Lips Thin With Age?

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  1. Why does our lips get thinner when we age ?
  2. What is the perfect lips proportion ?
  3. Is lips filler dangerous ?
  4. Type of Lips shape  
  5. How many cc is normally used in lip injections ?
  6. Is lips filler painful ?
  7. How long does it last ?
  8. How to make my lips filler last longer ?
  9. If I do lips filler will my partner know the difference ?
  10. If I don’t like my lips filler, is it possible to fix it ?

You can see in the picture above that having thinner lip makes you look older even if you have smile line. 

Why do your lips get thinner when you age ?

When you are younger your lips are fuller because you have lots of baby fat. These baby fat gradually disappear when you get older. Baby fat is a type of fat that does not increase or decrease according to your weight. When baby fat decreases, your face loses skin’s structure and volume which creates wrinkle and deep line.

For example:

  • When under eye baby fat disappear – Tear trough appear 
  • When cheek baby fat disappear – Smile line (nasolabial lines) appear 
  • When baby fat in mouth  disappear – Marionette lines and vertical lip lines appear

What is the perfect lips proportion?

For those who have thin lips and want to have fuller lip you can do lip fillers injection. It’s a non-surgical way to get fuller and more sensuous lips that look natural and in line with patient’s facial proportions. 

Lips ratio recommendation for upper lip and lower lip is 0.9 : 1.0 (the lower lip should be a bit fuller and thicker than the upper lip). This ratio is an aesthetic ideal lips which will make your face look more balanced and look younger. The doctor will use this ratio to help shape your mouth for natural and aesthetic result. 

Is lips filler dangerous ?

Lips filler is not dangerous if performed by a doctor that is experienced and understand human anatomy because they will know how to avoid unwanted complication. Lips filler is a delicate area due to its thin skin and have lots of nerve and blood vessel so be sure to choose best provider to get the desired result.

Types of lips shape

You can choose any shape you want but before doing the injection be sure to discuss your need and concern with the doctor so you get the desired result. There are two popular shape for lips filler, one is Korean shape and Natural shape.

Korean shape  vs  Natural shape

  • Korean shape 

This shape is popular amongst asian women. The main characteristic is the cupid’s bow and the curve shape of the upper lips that forms an “M” shape. This makes your lips look more attractive, well-proportioned, and evenly balanced. Also, having 2 main bulge at the lower lip area (body area) making lower lip look fuller.

  • Natural shape

This is another popular shape for those of you who want more natural result. This shape make your lips fuller both upper and lower lip with clear borderline.

How many cc is normally used in lip injections ?

Amount used : 1 cc

Procedure duration :

  • 20-30 minutes with out numbing cream
  • 1-1.15 hour with numbing cream

Bruise : Low possibility but if bruise it will get better within 2-3 days

Swell : swell after injection for 2-3 days

*The amount of filler used depend on each patient. We recommend to consult with the doctor before doing the injection.

Is lips filler painful ?

To be frank, it may sting a little bit because there are lots of nerve in lips area. However, filler that contains anesthesia such as Restylane which reduce the pain significantly. Also, at Peace Clinic we try to reduce discomfort as much as possible by applying numb cream and inject anesthesia before starting filler injection.

How long does it last ?

It can stay up to 6-12 months depending on each individual lifestyle and aftercare. Lips filler last shorter when compare to filler in other area due to the muscular movement (eg. eating, speaking and kissing). Constant movement can cause Hyaluronic acid to break down which causes filler to dissipate more quickly.

How to make my lips filler last longer​ ?

  • Avoid heat such as steam and sauna or hot yoga
  • Avoid eating hot dishes or hot drinks such as soup, hot tea and hot coffee
  • Avoid exercising because it increases body metabolism and heat

If I do lips filler, will my partner know the difference?

Not only you can see the difference of lips shape but also will feel the changes of your mouth texture (changes in texture depend on the filler you use).

  • For Korean brand, the texture will be more firmer than normal lips texture
  • Restylane brand, the texture is smoother and is more similar to normal lips texture so it is hard to tell the difference by the texture

If I don’t like my lips filler, is it possible to fix it ?

At Peace clinic, we can dissolve your filler in every area. However, only authentic filler (100% hyaluronic acid) can be dissolve. To get your filler dissolve, you have to wait at least 2 week after you got your filler injection.

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