What is Fat Dissolving Injection ? Does it work ?

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last updated date : 3 April 2022

What is Fat Dissolving Injection ? 

Fat dissolving injection is also known as Lipolysis Injection, MesoFat, and Mesotherapy. It is an injection which reduces fat in areas that are injected. It can be injected in several areas including face, chin, arms, waist, buttocks, thighs, and legs. Fat dissolving injections are non-invasive, safe and effective options for fat reduction in treated areas.


How does it reduces fat in the treated area ?

Fat dissolving injection dissolves fat cell’s membrane in the treated area. When the membranes are disturbed, the fat cells become unstable and eventually break down into smaller particle. These particle are flushed out through body’s fluid circulation.


Will my blood lipids decrease if I do Fat dissolving injection?

Fat dissolving injection does not have an affect on your blood lipid. The fat that mesofat breaks down is different from the fat that sticks in the blood vessels. Patients with medical condition such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, can do Fat dissolving injection without side effects.

What part of body that can do Fat dissolving injection ?

Mesofat can be injected anywhere where there are fat tissue. After injected the fat mass will decrease in volume, for example, cheek area injection will make your cheeks smaller and your face more slender. Abdominal area injection will make your tummy more flatter.

However, when you inject mesofat to the area that does not contain fat tissue there will be no changes. For example; After Fat dissolving injected on forehead area, there will be no changes on your forehead because the main components of forehead are bones and muscles.

Can I do Fat dissolving injection on fat bags under the eyes ?

The bags under the eyes are actually made up of fat. When the bag gets bigger, your face looks tired and aged. But the best way to correct bags under eye is not an fat dissolving injection. 

When you aged, you will lose your bone structure including bony structure around your eyes. Your skin and fat under your eyes start to sag because it has no strong structure to bind with. So the best way to correct bags under eye is to fill something in to support bone structure of an eye socket. Nowadays the best filling substance that is safe and effective is ‘HA Filler’. After filler is correctly placed, the skin under the eyes will be smooth again.

Is the result of Fat dissolving injection permanent ?

Fat dissolving injection is a permanent way to break down fat but cannot prevent your body to create new fat. The main reason why the fat cell keeps growing back is because your body can create new fats all the time. Especially if you eat a lot of carbs, sweets and alcohols.

Therefore, we recommend to keep the same body weight after doing Fat dissolving injection to make the result last longer. On the other hand, if you gain weight after doing the injection. That’s mean your body already create new fat. Your face can be puff up as before the injection.

How much CC of Mesofat is required to see result?

The doctor will assess the amount (cc.) of Fat dissolving injection for patient, case by case. Example; both cheeks required 10 cc per one treatment. Upper arms required 20 cc per one treatment.

You should see the result after one treatment; 30% of result immediately and the maximum result after one month. One treatment can reduce fat by 30-50%. So the more treatment you have, the more changes you will see. 

Mesofat Vs Liposuction

Both Fat dissolving injection and liposuction are safe and effective method to get rid of fat tissue. The differences between two method is the amount of fat that can be removed per session, downtime, and price. Which one is more suitable? The answer depends on the outcome you are looking for and the period of recovery time you are willing to have.

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Mesofat Vs Slimming pen

Fat dissolving injection will reduce the fat tissue only at the area that are injected and will not affect your weight. But Slimming pen will reduce whole body fat as you lose your weight. If you wish to reduce only couple of areas, Fat dissolving injection will suit you more.

What is Slimming pen ? Click here to read more

Can I get rid of the little fat next to the armpit ?

The excess fat next the to armpit; in Thailand it is sometime called ‘extra breast’ and it is a common for both women and men. This problem often make patient lose confidence when wearing a sleeveless shirt. Both thin and overweight patient can have this problem. With our experience, Weight loss is not an effective way to solve this armpit fat. More effective way to get rid of this excess fat underarm is Fat dissolving injection. 

If you have this problem, you must come to see the doctor first to examine the area. If it is fat component, it can be dissolved by injection. If it is actually breast tissue, it must be removed by surgery which we do not provide surgery service.

How often can I do Fat dissolving injection ?

As mentioned earlier, You should see the result after one treatment; 30% of result immediately and the maximum result after one month. Therefore, we recommend to do the injection at least 1 month apart.

What to do after done Fat dissolving injection ?

  • First, there will be swelling at injected area. Ice compression will help.
  • Bruise can happen after injected and will be gone by 3-5 days. Take the medicine that is given by the clinic.
  • Drink a lot of water, at least 2-3 L. per day for 3 days. This will make the injection more effective.
  • Control your weight. Avoid carbs, sweets, and alcohols.
  • You can exercise after the injection.

Will my face swell after do Fat dissolving injection ?

Yes. If the injection was done on your face, it will swell. But the swelling will be on the area that are injected not the whole face and you will get better in couple of hours. 

Why do I have to drink a lot of water after the injection?

Fat dissolving injection causes fat cell to break down into small fat particle which is drained away by your body’s fluid circulation. Drinking lots of water means more fluid circulation, it will help your body drained all the small fat particle out more effectively.

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