What is Mesofat is it like Meso Skin ?

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last updated date : 28 November 2020

What is Mesofat ? is it like Meso Skin ?

Mesofat is not a brand name. It’s just a name to call a fat removal injection. This injection help reduce excess fat that we don’t need, such as cheeks, wattles, abdomen, upper arms. While Meso Skin is just a simple to call a drug or vitamin that is used to inject the skin into the superficial area of the face for skin brightening.

Mesofat and Meso skin are different drugs but uses “Meso” is the same because it uses the same method which is injection.

How does Mesofat dissolve fat ?

Normally, the fat in our body will stick together into thick fat lumps. Even if there is water or blood flowing through it all the time, it will rarely slip away. Fat dissolving drugs or Mesofat when injected into the fat layer it will break up the fat into small lumps. Then the lymphatic fluid will carry these small fat masses out of the body through urine and feces.

Why do I have to drink a lot of water after the injection?

As mentioned above Mesofat breaks down fat into smaller chunks and takes the blood and lymph fluid out of the body. If we only inject mesofat and do not drink water. The broken down fat lumps will be piled up in the same area because there is no water, blood, lymph flowing it out of the body. Over a period of time, these little fat lumps will clump together and return to form the same fat mass. Therefore, after injecting mesofat, the doctor will advise every time to drink lots of water.

Will blood lipids decrease or increase if I do Mesofat?

Mesofat is not related to blood lipid values. The fat that meso fat breaks down is different from the fat that sticks in the blood vessels. Therefore, there is no need to worry that injecting mesofat will increase blood lipid values in any way. Patients with congenital diseases such as high blood pressure, high fat, can inject mesofat without side effects.

Can Mesofat be injected in any area? Will it help reduce fat in the injected area?

Mesofat can be injected anywhere where there are fat. After injecting the fat mass in that area, there will be a decrease in volume, for example, the cheek injection will make the cheeks smaller and the face more slender. Abdominal injection will make the abdomen flatter.

However, when you inject mesofat to the area that does not contain fat there will be no changes such as the chin area because the main components are bones and muscles. 

Can we inject mesofat in under eye fat bag ?

The bags under the eyes are actually made up of fat. When the bag gets bigger, the face looks tired and aged. But correcting the problem of bags under the eyes and getting beautiful results is not an injection to dissolve the fat bags under the eyes. Instead, the best way is filling under the eyes to support the bone structure of the eye socket with filler. The skin under the eyes will be smooth again.

What type of food prevent Mesofat from working

Mesofat is a permanent way to break down old fat but not prevent our body in creating new fat. This means that the lump of fat that has been broken down has been removed from the body permanently. However, the reason why the fat still come back is because our bodies can create new fats all the time. Especially if we eat a lot of flour, eat sweets, this will cause the body to create new fat.

Therefore, if injecting mesofat and control weight balance you will be slim forever. On the other hand, if you inject mesofat and don’t do diet at all, it is normal to gain weight as your body keeps creating new fat. Therefore, fat on the cheek will return and be puffed up as before injecting.

How much CC of Mesofat is required to see result?

Today, there are many brands of fat reduction medicine or mesofats. The number of needles or the number of doses required varies by the brand. The doctor will assess the amount of fat the patient wants to get rid of. At Peace Clinic Pattaya, there are two mesofats, Lipolite and Premium lipo which both have to be injected.

The difference is that Premium lipo doesn’t sting and doesn’t swell after injection. After injecting, you will see results immediately by 20% and will see more and more results. until the maximum result is 100% in one month after injection. Also, there is no swelling therefore after the injection, you can go to the mall to pick up the child and continue daily life. 

Mesofat Vs Liposuction, which one is better?

Both mesofat and liposuction permanently remove old fat. The difference is the amount of fat that can be removed per session, side effects, price, and recovery time. Which treatment to choose depends on the patient’s desired outcome and the readiness to take care of herself/himself.

Can I get rid of the little fat next to the armpit

The excess fat next the to armpit it a common for both women and men. You can lose confidence when wearing a sleeveless shirt. This can happen to anyone and is more common in people who are overweight. But some thin people can also face this problem. Weight loss is no effective way to solve this problem . Another way to get rid of underarm milk is mesofat. The patient must come to see the doctor first to examine the area. If it’s real fat, it can be broken down by injecting Mesofat to break down the fat tissue in that area.

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