How does “Natural Chin” looks like with dermal filler

Do you avoid injecting filler because you are afraid that it will look fake, doesn’t look natural, too pointy and bulky? At Peace Clinic we ensure to deliver the best result that meet patient’s want. 

There are principle for injecting chin filler so that the result looks natural which is called “Ricketts E Line”. It was invented by Robert Ricketts to define the relationship between nose, lips and chin from a side view. The “E” plane is simply a line drawn from the tip of nose to lower lip and tip of chin as shown in the picture below. 

If the chin doesn’t touch the line as shown in the left picture is called receding chin. Patient with receding chin are likely to have round face, chubby cheek and big nose.

On the other hand if the chin exceed the line is called jaw protrusion. Patient are likely to have disproportional long face.

The perfect Ricketts E Line is when the line touches all the three point, tips of the nose, lower lip and tip of the chin.

We use dermal fillers to help patients achieve this ideal balance (Ricketts E Line) and have a more desired profile, without undergoing drastic surgical alterations.

3 reasons why you should inject chin filler:

  • Balanced face

Injecting chin filler on patient with round face will help their face look more balanced, more feminine and look younger. 

  • Quick procedure

Chin filler is a common and basic treatment so it does not take long time to do. Treatment duration is approximately 15-20 minutes only. 

  • See immediate result

You can see immediate result once filler is injected (don’t need to wait like botox) the advantage is that after injection patient can see if he/she like the result or not. If not, the doctor can sculpt until you get satisfying result.

Our doctor always ensure to patient that:

  1. Filler is not a silicone so it can be sculpt into desire shape
  2. What shape does the patient wants
  3. The suitable shape that suits his/herself face

It is crucial process for doctor and patient to communicate and come up with common goal together in order to achieve beautiful and satisfying result.

Amount of Filler use (approximately) : 1-3 cc

Duration : 15-20 minutes

Bruise : Low possibility

Swell : No downtime can continue daily life

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