What does Radiance help? How many time to see good result?

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Last update date:  30 April 2023

What is Radiance Skin ?

Radiance is not a chemical drug, it’s a multivitamin cocktail that includes vitamins that help your skin. It reduce inflammation, irritation and add food to the skin. After injecting under the skin, you can notice that the rash and acne inflammation will decrease and dark spots gradually faded. The important thing is that the skin looks fuller and more hydrated. Moreover, when apply makeup powder it will stick better to the skin.

Why does it have to inject 16 spots

Peace Clinic injects 16 points according to acupuncture principles for clear skin. It is a combination of several techniques to give best results.

Who should do Radiance Skin ?

  • People who have sensitive skin such as rashes and irritated skin.

  • People with inflamed acne and red marks from acne.

  • People who have problems with dry skin and uneven skin

Can I see immediate result after 1 session

You can see results after the first time doing it. Your skin will gradually improved, inflammatory acne is reduced and skin looks smoother. However, if you want 100% result it is recommended to inject Radiance weekly until satisfactory results are achieved.

Precautions for doing Radiance to see results

During the Radiance course, patients should take care of themselves for best results, including:

  • Reduce behaviours that hurt the skin, such as peeling acne, squeezing acne

  • Not change creams or face products in order to reduce the chance of allergic reactions to new creams

  • Visit doctor regularly – do Radiance every week by appointment for the fastest and best results

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