Ultraformer III Non-Invasive Facial Tightening Program

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Last update date: 1 May 2023

Why Ultraformer III perform better than other HIFU ?

Ultraformer III is recognized internationally passing FDA in different country and is used by top healthcare and wellness provider. It is claimed that with Ultraformer lll you can see 5 times better result than the normal HIFU due to the stability of energy source coming from the machine.

Which area can it be done ?

Ultraformer III can be done both on facial and body parts including face, neck, arm, leg and abdomen. The most popular area are:

  1. Cheek
  2. Wattle
  3. Brow lift


How many shots for each area ?

The amount of shot used depends on each area (estimation shots):

Brow lift                 300 shots

Cheek                   300 shots

Wattle                   300 shots

Neck                     300 shots  

Pore tightening       300 shots

Arms                     1000-2000 shots

Legs                      1000-2000 shots

Abdomen               1000-2000 shots


Is Ultraformer III painful ?

Ultraformer III is the newest generation that has been developed from Ultraformer I and II. They are designed to reduce painfulness comparing to the first generation. Most of the patient say it is just a mild pain and some people who did not put on anesthetic cream say it is not painful at all. The scale of pain depends on each individual.

Pros and Cons of Ultraformer III


  • Fast result (can see immediate results 50%)
  • X5 times better result than other HIFU
  • Quick procedure (20-30 minutes without anesthetic)
  • No down-time, no burn, no bruise or swell
  • Help reduce fat 


  • Mild to moderate pain (depends on each individual)
  • Result lasts up to 6-8 months (recommend doing 1 time per year)

What are the difference between Ultraformer III VS Ultherapy ?

Both of this machine is widely known. They are similar in appearance and also uses heat energy through Ultrasound wave. The frequent question we get a lot is which one should they choose to do? To be honest these two machine is different from each other. Here is a detail of how they are different:

As showned in the table, you can see that Ultraformer III and Ultherapy gives clear different results. We recommend you to choose from your desired results and budget.

What age is suitable for Ultraformer III ?

  • Age 20-30 Ultraformer lll can help reduce fat and tighten the skin in cheek and wattle area without injection (for those who are afraid of needle)
  • Age 30-40 may experience sagging skin on cheek, wattle, neck area and may see grooves on cheek. If you have this problem you should do Ultraformer III because it help tighten your skin and prevent unwanted grooves. 
  • Age 40-60 must do Ultraformer III to save and revive your collagen. As you age your collagen will disintegrate over time. Without collagen you will experience lots of wrinkles, dull & loose skin as well as dry skin. If you are facing this problem we recommend doing Ultraformer III or Ultherapy.

Does Ultraformer III help tighten pores ?

Ultraformer III can help tighten pores when using 1.5mm applicator. The heat energy will stimulates collagen and superficial layer. So Ultraformer III not only lift your face but also tightens your pore as well.


Can Ultraformer III help fat reduction and body sculpting  ?

Ultraformer III can help fat reduction and body sculpting in certain amount. If you would like to get best result we recommend doing fat reduction injection. However, doing Ultraformer III is an alternative way for those who don’t want to do any injection.

Does Ultraformer III reduce cellulite ?

Yes, Ultraformer III is effective in reducing cellulite especially on arm, leg, abdomen and back area.

Why you have to do Ultraformer lll at Peace Clinic ?

  • We use authentic product and machine including Ultraformer III, so you can rest assure that you are getting the best result from the best machine.
  • Our doctor is experienced in aesthetic and laser machine. Ultraformer III does not have monitor to see real-time patient’s skin layer so it uses doctor’s experience in order to give the patient best result. 
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