Hifu Painless way for Skin Tightening No Downtime

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Last update date: 20 Mar 2023

What is Hifu? What does it help? 

Hifu, stand for High Intensity Focus Ultrasound, is a skin tightening machine that make your face to be lifted. As we age, collagen deteriorates and our skin begin to sag result in various grooves and lines all over our faces such as eyebags, smile line, sagging cheeks.

The principle of this machine is to apply heat energy into skin through Ultrasound wave. Heat energy in SMAS muscle layer will stimulate deep collagen to replicate and contract. This procedure’s result is to tighten your skin and make you look younger.

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What to expect while doing Hifu procedure? Does it hurt?

During the treatment, there is zero pain just warm and tightened feeling on your skin. Few cases can feel little pain due to implantation on their faces such as dental implant, metal implant on facial bone. Incase pain occur, it will not last longer than 10 minutes.

How many times do I have to do Hifu to see results? And How long do I have to wait to see results?

Good news is you can see and feel changes after only one treatment. After the treatment, you will see immediate result 30% and fully result at one month after the treatment. There will be no downtime at all such as swelling, bruise, blood. So you can continue your daily life like go grocery shopping after leaving clinic. No one will recognise what you have done to your face. There will be no drastic change.

How is Peace Clinic Pattaya’s Hifu different from other Hifu?

The main difference is the pain during procedure. Peace Clinic Hifu is painless and also give efficient results. Peace Clinic Ultra V Hifu is imported from Korea, certified by both the Korean FDA and the Thai FDA. Ultra V Hifu have latest innovation called Thermal Diffuse Treatment (TDT), so there will be no painful feeling during the procedure, but still give visible changes. Ultra V Hifu is the best choice for people who want to have skin tightened without any pain.

Mechanism of “Ultra V Hifu” vs ”other Hifu”

Other Hifu machine release multiple shots of energy simultaneously in a long line. This causes the energy to accumulate in one area of skin to be very high. Therefore, you will feel sharp pain and hot while doing it.

Ultra V Hifu releases energy one shot at a time, and with a special probe placement technique, you won’t feel any pain while doing it. So Ultra V Hifu painlessly make heat accumulated in the skin. Until the energy is high enough for collagen to be stimulated and give satisfied result.

Another advantages of Ultra V Hifu is it take less time to do it because it is painless during Ultra V Hifu treatment, you don’t need to apply anesthetics and you can do procedure continuously without taking a break. So Hifu treatment at Peace Clinic Pattaya is quick, painless and effective.

After doing Hifu, will the face change a lot? Will the people at home be shocked?

The result after doing Hifu treatment is your smile line will reduced and your face looks slimmer and tightened. Result of Hifu is not a drastic change, you will not look like a different person. It is more towards subtle and natural change looking younger and more beautiful.

If I stop doing Hifu, will my face get worst? Do I have to do it forever?

1 session of Hifu  will last for about 6-8 months because doing it once stimulate a certain amount of collagen. Then your collagen will gradually deteriorate over time which is the same for everyone. Around 6 months later,your face will start to sagging but not much as before. If you like the results and want to keep looking beautiful, we recommend doing it every 6 months, meaning only twice a year.

Is Hifu a fake Ultherapy machine?

Both Hifu and Ulthera are the skin tightening machine. they use the same ultrasound energy and mechanism. The only difference between them is the source of production that’s affect quality of machine, quality of result and price of procedure.

• Hifu machine is made in Korea, does not have real time screen monitor.

• Ultherapy machine is made in USA, has real time screen monitor that shows patient’s skin layers

Hifu machine does not have real time screen monitor to show patient’s skin layer, therefore it requires the knowledge and expertise of a doctorto use machines. Our doctor have many years of experience and have done thousands of cases. So you can see the results for sure and confirm the results by letting the patient look in the mirror immediately after doing it every time to see that immediate changes. Doing Hifu at Peace Clinic is painless and sees real good results at a more comfortable price.

Will Hifu give the same result as facelift surgery?

Hifu and face lift surgery are totally different thing and are different in almost every aspect. In terms of results, pain level, recovery, and cost. To choose between these two depend on the preferences and lifestyle of the patient.

Hifu vs Facelift surgery

Both Hifu and facelift surgery have different advantages and disadvantages. We may choose to do the only one we prefer or we can choose to do both as well. For example, if you have had a face lift surgery and the results are satisfying. After face lift surgery, you can do a Hifu to maintain your skin quality and face shape.

Does Hifu make crow’s feet disappear?

Hifu can stimulate proliferation of collagen to fix the sagging skin. However, wrinkles such as forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet wrinkles are caused by muscle contraction. The most direct and cheapest way to treat wrinkles is to use Allergan or Aestox injections to loosen these muscles to make the wrinkles disappear.

In case you still wonder whether Hifu can make the crow’s feet disappear? The answer is that Hifu can make it partially disappear, the result is not good as wrinkle reduction injection. Hifu treatment for wrinkles is therefore suitable for people who are very afraid of needles. It’s a last choice treatment rather than doing nothing.

How many shot does it take to see result (approximately)?

• Forehead 600-1000 shots

• Around the eyes 400-600 shots

• Cheek 2000-3000 shots

• Wattle 2000-3000 shots

• Neck 2000-3000 shots

• Upper arms 3000-5000 shots

• Upper legs 3000-5000 shots

• Stomach area 3000-5000 shots

• Lower back 3000-5000 shots

• Buttocks 3000-5000 shots

*Shot depends on the thickness of the skin layer and the fat layer of each patient. Doctor will assess an tell how many shots you will need.

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