How much is Filler?What should I know before doing it

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Last updated date: 11 March 2022

What is Filler ? Is it a liquid silicone?

Authentic fillers contain 100% hyaluronic acid, no silicone component. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component which can be found in human cell and also a substance for collagen fiber. When HA combined with water, it will be Gelatin-like substance packed in the syringe. The filler is used to ‘Fill’ the grooves and folds, to make them fuller and smoother. Result in younger-looking face.

Hyaluronic acid is a water soluble substance, so it is not permanent. Over time, it will gradually dissolve completely 100%. Filler injections can last for 6-12 months. 

How does Filler help my face look younger?

When we are young, we have fat that makes our face look fuller and look younger. This fat is called baby fat. As you get older, baby fat naturally decreases causing grooves and sagging such as grooves under the eyes, nasolabial line and  marionette line. Baby fats are not common fats, they are different types of fat. Therefore, even if you are fatter, your cheek grooves under your eyes are still the same.

The solution is to find something to replace the missing baby fat. Today, the most accepted, safe and effective way are fillers.

What causes Filler to move ?

Filler doesn’t ‘normally’, move after treatment so you must ensure that the person providing the service is experienced, knowledgeable and understand human anatomy as well as the properties of the filler. Injecting filler is delicate and must be injected in the right skin plane with the right amount in order to create beautiful and safe result. 

Filler migration can be caused by many reason:

  • Poor injection technique: injecting into wrong skin layer
  • Using fake filler
  • Injecting too much filler in one area


filler restylane
filler restylane

Which brand of filler makes my face rotten?

Side effects from filler injections that are commonly seen in the news are: inflammation, infected, swollen, red, deformed. This can caused by many factors.

  1. Inadequate hygiene during injection and after injection causing germs to contaminate the needle hole and subsequent infection.

  2. Injecting fillers into the veins causing lack of blood supply to that tissue and rotting face This factor, if the injector is knowledgeable, experienced and careful, there is very low chance of happening.

  3. Caused by the injected substance such as a fake filler (Not 100% pure hyaluronic acid), unknown substances can stimulate the body to cause inflammation and infection. This factor is common due to the fact that many fillers are adulterated today.

We advise patients to do injections at reputable hospital or clinic that has been certified by legal distributor for using genuine fillers. Also, remember to get treatment from an expert and experienced doctor to prevent unwanted side effects or complications.

How to inject without my face turning big?

Filler injection is an art that goes hand in hand with scientific knowledge, it is not simple as inflating a tire. Both the doctor and the patient must understand and come to an agreement on the desired result before starting the treatment. If the doctor is experienced and knowledgable, filler can help your face look slimmer and younger and will definitely not make your face bigger.


Filler vs Fat Filling, which one is better?

Nowadays, there are many options for face augmentation. Two popular options are filler injections and self-fat injections. Both methods are injecting substance into the face and only last temporary. The differences is in the details and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Therefore, it depends on your preference and readiness.

If I exercise or go out in the sun, will the Filler melt?

After injection, the filler will gradually dissolve by itself. It takes approximately 6-12 months to dissolve, but for patient who has an active metabolism it may dissolve faster than usual. Filler will gradually dissolve and will remain in the same place. So filler will not melt and migrate to different area.

Activities such as intense exercise, sun bathing, onsen, sauna increase more which increase metabolism which make the filler dissolve faster and may last for only 4-6 months. Doing light exercise, going out in the sun for only a while and taking a hot shower won’t have much effect so you don’t have to worry that filler will dissolve faster if you do these activities.

If injected and I don’t like the result, do I have to scrape it off?

When the patient has injected filler and doesn’t like the result, if it is a real fillers you don’t need to scrape it off because there is “filler dissolver” which can 100% dissolve the filler. It will disappear immediately after the injection. However, if you want to do filler injection you should wait for 2 week after you have done dissolving treatment.

Is it really forbidden to inject filler if I’m going to do surgery?

In surgery, the surgeon will remove all unwanted objects/substance on the tissue at the area that is being treated. There are several ways to remove fillers.

  1. The first method and most familiar way is to scrape it off which can be done during surgery. The disadvantage is that patient may have a lot of bruising and swelling.

  2. The second method is do filler dissolution injection. As mentioned above, real fillers can be dissolve with filler dissolver. This must be done at least one month prior to the surgery date to ensure that it is completely dissolved.

Therefore, you can do surgery if you have done filler injection. Also, if you are doing a surgery in different areas from where filler was injected (e.g. Fillers are injected under the eyes and you are getting a nose surgery) it won’t have effect on the surgery at all. However, if it’s in the same area like you have had filler injections on your chin and you really like it and you’ve changed your mind and wanted to have permanent chin augmentation surgery. You will have to wait for the fillers to completely dissolve or inject the dissolution to the remaining fillers before going for surgery. 


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