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Last updated date: 14 March 2022

What is Botox? Does Botox really cause muscle to die?

Botox is botulinum toxin which is extracted from nature. Wrinkles are caused by excessive muscle contraction. When Botox is injected the muscle relax, causing the wrinkle to disappear. So botox does not make your muscle die. After injection, botox will dissolve over time and the muscles will gradually return to normal state.

Botox origin from strabismus? Is Botox safe?

Botox has been used in medicine for over thirty years. Initially, it was injected into the eye muscle by an ophthalmologist to treat strabismus. The treatment was effective and had no side effects. Later on, a dermatologist noticed that strabismus patients treated with Botox had no wrinkles at the outer corners of their eyes. This is the starting point for Botox to be used in the dermatology industry. Therefore, patients can be confident about the safety of the drug.

Is it true that wrinkles accumulated over ten years Botox injections can be healed in one day?

Yes, wrinkles can get better after just one Botox injection. After Botox injections, you will not see immediate result. You will begin to see results after two weeks after treatment and will see full results in four weeks.

How is Botox lifting different from Wrinkle Botox injections?

Wrinkle Botox injection is injecting Botox into the muscle layer to stop the muscle from contracting resulting in less wrinkles. Common area that are injected are forehead and crow feet. On the other hand, for Botox Lifting injections is injecting Botox into the superficial layer of the skin on the face and under the chin area. It help stimulate collagen in the superficial skin to shrink and get tighten. The result is you will get firmer and tighter skin.

Which brand of botox is the most worth the price?

Nowadays, there are many brands of botox. Each brand has different advantages and disadvantages. This depends on individual preference. At Peace Clinic, there are two brands of botox which are Allergan and Aestox brand. Both brands are certified by Thai FDA. Both brand gives effective result the difference is the duration and the manufacturer.

Allergan is from America. One injection lasts up to 6 months. Wrinkles are reduced and feels more natural. The chance of drug resistance is very low due to the high purity of the molecule. The price is reasonable compared to the result.

Aestox is from Korea. One injection lasts for 4 months. Wrinkles are reduced and the price is more reachable than the American brands.

Which brand of Botox injection makes eyes fall and smile crookedly?

This depend on the provider’s knowledge of facial muscle anatomy. No matter what brand of botox, if injected by provider is experienced you must still have beautiful eyes, beautiful smile without no wrinkles. There won’t be any drooping eyes or crooked smiles. Therefore, patients can choose any brand of botox injection at Peace clinic without the fear of undesired side effect.

However, if the patient has been injected with botox and get distorted smile, there is no need to worry because when Botox is dissolve, the muscles will be back to work as usual 100%. If the patient who have undesired result, patient can come to consult or receive treatment for this condition at Peace clinic.

How to Prevent Drug-Resistant Botox

  1. Always try to inject the same brand of botox. Switching brand back and forth will cause the body to get confused and cause a resistant reaction to Botox.

  2. Each Botox injection should be separated at least three months apart. If the injection is too frequent, it can cause botox resistance.

  3. We recommend choosing a higher purity botox in order to reduce the chances of botox resistance.

  4. Choose genuine Botox. This will prevents the body from acquiring bad molecules that may trigger resistance to Botox.

What is the appropriate number of units in each area?

*This depend on the wrinkles and the size of each patient’s muscles. In actual treatment, the doctor will evaluate and assess the number of units required for each patient.

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