What is Meso hair? Things you should know before doing it. 

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Last updated date: 30 August 2021

What causes hair fall ?

Hair loss is a common problem for both females and males. As you get older your hair become thinner. There are many reasons for hair loss, including:

  • Hereditary baldness, thinning hair
  • Congenital diseases and regular medications result in hair thinning
  • Environment and daily habit
  • hormonal balance in the body
  • Lack of minerals or nutrients
  • certain skin diseases

What type of hair problem will Meso Hair help?

Mesohair is effective in all types of hair loss. You can see better result if you change the habit that causes hair loss. For example, choosing what you consume or avoid recommended by the doctor.

Things you must know before you do Meso Hair

Meso Hair is an injectable vitamin that helps thickening your hair. Meso Hair can reduce hair loss when combined with healthy habits. Mesohair is not a hair growth pill. Therefore, if the scalp area has no hair follicle at all, there will be no change after injection (If you are bald, Meso hair cannot help bring your hair back).

What is Meso Hair ?

Mesohair is a group of vitamins that help nourish your hair. It contains vitamins that help balance testosterone, which is an important factor in hair growth.

What is the procedure of Meso Hair ?


Before the procedure, we will apply anesthetic cream. Then the doctor will inject mesohair into your scalp, focusing on areas where you thin hair. The doctor recommend to do 1 time per month, continuously every month for best result.

Why does Meso Hair take time to see result ?

Usually, patients will begin to feel changes after 3-5th session. However, this depends on each patient. Patients need to understand the life cycle of hairs that each cycle is approximately 3 months.

I am taking a medication for hair growth, can I do Meso Hair too ?

Yes you can do Meso hair while you are on medication for hair loss. As mentioned above, mesohair is a group of vitamins, it does not have any effect. In fact, doing mesohair along with taking medication is good because it increases the chances of seeing the results faster.

6 behavior that will prevent Hair growth

  • *Stress* is an important factor (both physical and mental stress)
  • Staying up late, not getting enough sleep
  • Smoke and drink alcohol regularly
  • eating unhealthy food (eg. sweets and soft drink)
  • no exercise at all or vigorous exercise more than 5 days a week
  • Does not come to get injection regularly as the doctor recommend

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