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What is the component used for vitamin injection? Is there glutathione?

The component used for skin injections is a multivitamin. It focuses on antioxidant vitamins, including high glutathione to nourish the skin intensely. These vitamins are like food to nourish the inner skin to be healthy, drive waste and, most importantly, reduce melanin pigment on the skin. When the amount of pigment is reduced, the skin will look brighter and clearer after continuous vitamin injections.

At Peace Clinic Pattaya, we have two formulas of skin vitamins, IV skin glow and IV diva white. The difference is that IV skin glow will focus on nourishing and smoothing your skin (smooth skin but not brightening which is suitable for people who like beautiful tanned skin). While IV diva white will focus on whitening and brightening skin, suitable for people who wants white aura skin.


Who gave the injection?

The doctor will give the treatment  by his/herself in every case. Also, while doing the treatment, there will be a beauty therapist who will take care of you.

What is the injection procedure? Will it take a long time?

After the patient has selected the formula they want. We prepare the vitamin which are recombined every time and come in a saline bag. When the doctor opens the blood line, he/she will connect to the saline line. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes for the saline solution to finish. During this time, the patient can lie down and rest on the bed as they please or you can sleep and do beautiful treatments while the wait. After the injection, you can go back to work or continue your daily life.

Will Glutathione cause liver disease, kidney disease or skin cancer?

Glutathione is a substance that is already present in everyone’s body. It acts as an antioxidant and help removes waste. Glutathione has been used for many years in the medical field. It was originally used to restore the liver from various toxins, for example in patients who overdose on paracetamol. It is treated by using glutathione to detoxify the liver. However, it was discovered that patients who were treated with glutathione was noticeably whiter skin. Later on they developed glutathione formula that are safer and see more results in whiteness.

Therefore, if the patient is in good health with no underlying disease, vitamin and glutathione injections do not cause liver or kidney disease including skin cancer. Nevertheless, it helps to take care of your body health and have a healthier skin.


Are there anyone who are allergic to vitamin injection?

As mentioned above, the skin vitamin injection component consists of

1. multivitamins which are found in common fruits and vegetables

2. glutathione, which is a substance that is already in the body of everyone

Therefore, the chance of allergy to skin injection vitamins is very rare. The doctor told me that from numerous treatment that she do, she haven’t found any cases of allergic reactions to vitamin injections.

However, the clinic has well prepared preventive measures and coping with allergic reactions. If there really is an allergic reaction, the doctor can immediately treat it. Therefore, patients can be relieved about allergy and safety concerns.

** On the other hand, if it is a fake skin injection vitamin or fake glutathione We do not know what the true inner substance is. Therefore, there is a chance to stimulate the body to cause allergic reactions or shock **

I have dark skinned hereditary, will I see results doing it?

Whether you have white skin, yellow skin, dark skin, you can actually look whiter after receiving continuous skin vitamin injections. The time to see results will be slower or faster depending with each person skin condition and the amount of melanin pigment. This means that people with darker skin can become whiter, but require longer treatment compared to people with fair skin.

Will I be white forever or not?

If the patient are satisfy with the level of whiteness of their skin and stops having vitamin injection altogether, the skin colour will gradually return to the same colour in about a year. It is recommended to still do vitamin injection to add some vitamins every 1-3 months to maintain this skin tone.

How does vitamin prevent from catching colds?

In people who want to inject vitamins to nourish the body primarily, not focusing on whiteness, it can be done with the Immune booster formula. In this formula, it focuses on vitamins that act to strengthen the body’s immune system to fight the virus. After regular injection the chances of catching a cold will be less or heal from a cold faster (instead of being sick for 5-7 days it will be only 3-5 days left). Another advantage of this vitamin formula is that it doesn’t require frequent injections. Just one injection a month is enough.

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