What kind of physiognomy is good? Let’s see!

Physiognomy is an ancient Chinese science used to determine faces to analyze individual’s personality and character. By reading from various facial features and gestures, including speaking, intonation, and looking at the zodiac. There are many businesses that place great importance on this when recruiting people to work in the company. Physiognomy is also used in the selection of soulmates.

Physiognomy is something that can be changed. When you change your facial design, your life will change accordingly.

Facial physiognomy of a woman who are fortunate Vs a hard working woman

Having wide forehead than one palm of a hand indicates having good intelligence

A wide, smooth forehead is a good physiognomy. In addition to indicating good intelligence, it is also a physiognomy of wealth. People with a narrow, flat forehead can turn into a wide, full forehead in a number of ways. First is laser hair removal to remove hair mites. to make the forehead look wider. Second is filler injection to fill the forehead to have a beautiful convexity. Third is Botox injections to make the skin on the forehead look tight and wrinkle-free.

Energetic bright eyes indicates an optimistic view of the world

The area around the eyes is an important component to make your eyes look bright. If the skin around the eyes is dull or wrinkled, it will make them look tired. It doesn’t look bright and doesn’t have power. You can apply eye cream or there are other helpers that make under the eyes smooth and bright all the time which is the injection to fill the area under the eyes itself. Whether it’s a vitamin injection or a filler injection under the eyes, it helps to make the eyes look bright and powerful again.


Fat cheekbones and oval face indicates good relationship with those around you

Cheekbones that look pretty sweet means that there must be a soft texture and full. Women that cheekbones be bulging out in front will look more sweet than women that have cheekbones bulging out on the sides. Those who want to adjust their face shape to look sweet and beautiful you can do this by injecting fillers to adjust the shape of the cheekbones.

Oval face is the most popular face shape. because it looks V-shape and beautiful and looks young. Patients who feel that they have a round face but want to have an oval face, you can adjust by injecting the jawline Botox.

High cheekbones indicates high self-confidence, leadership

High cheekbones are more popular among Westerners than Asians because it makes the face look sharp look fierce. Most Asian people prefer sweet style. Patients who like a confident woman’s face can adjust their face shape by adding fillers to adjust the shape of the cheekbones.

Shaped mouth and corners of the mouth pointing up indicates that the things they say will be worth hearing

Mouth has a beautiful chestnut shape and the corners of his mouth pointed up like a lollipop all the time is the mouth that looks cute and kissable. It is very popular among celebrity and people nowadays. Net idol and stars mostly have mouths that look cute. We can adjust the shape of the lips to look more chapped by injecting lip fillers.

Big mouth, Big jaw indicates that she is good at speaking, eating well, making a good living

Another style that is equally popular in Thailand is the western style full lips trend. A fuller lip gives a more seductive look than a chestnut shape. It is a very popular treatment among foreign patients. Whether it’s a dunking line or a sexy line. Doctors can also use fillers to adjust them to the desired shape.

The oval-shaped & slightly bent chin indicates saving up money and have support by subordinates

The chin shape that looks beautiful and physique is oval shape (having both the right length and the slightest pinch). The bulging part is called the chin hill. If the chin is short, the chin is cut, it will make the face look round, masculine, not very sweet. If the chin is only long, there is no chin hill at all, it will look like a long, pointed chin, looks strange like a witch. The chin can be adjusted using fillers. Chin-shaping at Peace Clinic, patients can choose the desired shape for both the length and the curvature of the chin. We ensure to make patients feel as beautiful and confident as possible.

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